DCPS Uniforms

We have a policy for the compulsory wearing of uniform here at Diamond Creek Primary School. We believe wearing a uniform is an important part of being a school student. It creates an identity for our students by giving them a sense of belonging to our school and to the broader community. Wearing our uniform supports our school values; when our students proudly wear their uniform it adds to the development of a respectful attitude and encourages them to take pride in their appearance.

We believe that school uniform can even improve our students’ learning to some extent, by reducing distraction, and thereby allowing greater focus on their learning; compulsory uniform means students don’t have to worry about choices and competition when comes to their clothes. When everyone is in uniform and therefore dressed the same, worrying about what they look like isn’t so important.

Our uniform is smart-looking and accommodates practical, everyday wear for active, healthy students. There is a range of garment choices for comfortable wear all year round. Our Year 6 students may opt for a special Year 6 polo top and windcheater to make their final year at school quite special. This is another area that our wonderful year 6 students act as role models for our younger students.

We have a specific uniform company that supplies our high quality and long wearing garments both online and from their retail store situated only 10 minutes away from Diamond Creek. Please see the links below. We also offer families the opportunity to purchase identical unbranded uniform through department stores if they so choose.

To Download a copy of the Uniform Policy please click here.
To Place an order for a uniform, please click here.

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