Inquiry-based learning at Diamond Creek Primary School is where students are encouraged to build on the curiosity they have for a given topic. By creating units and activities where information is discovered and concepts developed around key questions that are posed, students find out about topics, take action demonstrating their understanding and evaluate their conclusions. As a result of this process they are able to gain a rich and thorough understanding of the topics and through-lines, which represent the development of a concept throughout the seven years of Inquiry learning.

Some examples of topics selected for inquiry at Diamond Creek Primary include:

Throughout this unit, Foundation students look closely at the different aspects of toys. Over the term, students developed an understanding of the many uses, purposes and designs of both modern and olden day toys. They look at the way toys are designed and consider why they may have been designed in a particular style and who they are targeted at. At the end of the unit, Foundation students use their knowledge to design and build their own toy. Students take part in an excursion to The LEGO Educational Centre where they participate in a range of different workshops to help develop their understanding of toys. Learning in this unit explores students’ curiosity and understandings in the areas of design and technology and history, for example.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Rethink
Students focus in their direct physical world, students in Grades 1 and 2 build an understanding that their needs and wants are directly related to the Earth’s environmental issues. Students look at ways in which they may help the planet and are involved in many hands-on activities providing them with the opportunities to discover and experiment with possible solutions that they can use to help them at home and in the future.

In Grade 3 and Grade 4 students are encouraged to explore the entertaining world of puppetry. They research and create a variety of puppets throughout the term finishing with an entertaining puppet show that they scripted themselves.

Market to Market
In their focus on economics, students in Grade 5 and 6 generate a business plan for a market day stall. Over the term they design, make and distribute promotional material, produce a shop front and organise supplies. On the market day the entire school community comes together to participate in the Market Day financial exchange as the school moves into market mode facilitated by the many stalls created by the students in each of the cooperative learning groups.

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