Each year we are thrilled with the enthusiasm of the students to put forward ideas to run lunchtime clubs.

Lunchtime clubs offer an alternative to outside play, and run if the need and the interest exists. Students are encouraged to put forward ideas for lunchtime clubs, both as participants, and to set up and facilitate them under the full supervision of staff. Participation in clubs is totally student choice, they can volunteer to join the fun as they desire. Participation in clubs offers an alternative to learning, in relation to learning styles and content.

Some clubs run consistently right through the year as a permanent feature, and others are isolated occurrences according to interest.

Some of the clubs we offer (have offered) include:

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club is a regular feature and runs every week at DCPS all year round. The student helpers participate under the care of our devoted parent volunteers and the school Sustainability Captain. The members of the Gardening Club tend to the wicking garden beds and the propagation of seeds in the hot house to grow vegetables and herbs. They also run stalls at school assemblies to sell their produce, to self-fund future Gardening Club experiences.

The members of the Gardening Club maintain the outdoor learning area, which is a calm and tranquil place where teachers can take students to learn outside, in an alternative environment to their regular indoor classrooms.

Chess Club

At Diamond Creek Primary School we are open to ideas for lunchtime clubs and catering for the diverse interests of the students.

Drawing Club

Springing from the outstanding experiences in our Visual Arts Program, a number of students were evidently enthusiastic about the possibility of further developing their drawing skills. At their request, the Drawing Club was formed, and under the care of our very talents Visual Arts teacher, our many budding artists became even further equipped with a growing repertoire of skills.

Chess Club

The Chess Club sprang from the suggestion from a group of students who wanted to learn to play chess and others who wanted to sharpen their skill to possibly play chess at competition level. Chess sets were kindly donated by our wonderful school community, and the Chess Club was born! The capable chess players very happily taught the skills and rules to those new to the game of Chess; a wonderful peer tutoring program.

Knitting Club

In this club students learnt how to knit and about the different knitting stitches and skills. Each student knitted a square. Each square was then sewn into a small blanket, which was earmarked for donation to the RSPCA for abandoned animals.

Origami Club

With a number of students very interested in origami, and wanting to teach their skills to others, they started a club where each week a different aspect of origami was taught. Many special origami creations were made including cranes, boxes, stars and even a dragon.

Lego Club

With the resurgence of interest in Lego (Lego Masters TV program), the Lego Club was established. Students had the opportunity to participate in their own “Lego Masters’ projects working on creations that they shared with their fellow Lego enthusiasts.

At Diamond Creek Primary School we are open to ideas for lunchtime clubs and catering for the diverse interests of our students. If they have an idea for a club and there is a group of students who are interested in participating, to learn new skills and to enjoy the company of others, we endeavour to facilitate the club required!

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