Transition K-F


We enjoy a close relationship with the teachers and assistants in the preschool and childcare settings from which our Foundation students come. We run a very comprehensive transition program, which involves our year five students (who will be the grade 6 buddies in the following year) going to the closest preschool centres to run activities with the preschool students. One example of this is our year five students taking library books up to the local pre-school facilities to read to the pre-school students.
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We also run a very comprehensive Pre-Prep Program which begins with two specialist sessions in term two, followed by weekly sessions in term three offering more specialist sessions, pre-reading, pre-writing and many varied craft and music activities. In the fourth term students who are enrolled at Diamond Creek Primary School then progress to another four, two-hour orientation sessions which are run by the teachers who will be teaching them in their foundation year.

Right throughout the year we also invite our local preschools to join us at school for special activities and to use our school facilities; this assists the pre-school students incredibly as they transition from preschool to school.

We are open to all prospective families and offer to conduct individual school tours for families as part of our pre-school to school transition process.

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