DC G.E.M.s

Our DC G.E.M.s Program focuses on Social and Emotional Learning. We have combined our staunch allegiance to our school values with the essence of the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program, and the Resilience Project and Be You philosophies, to produce a broad and robust program for social and emotional development, which improves our students’ wellbeing, social and academic outcomes.

Our DC G.E.M.s Program empowers our students to lead healthy, happy and successful lives by developing the necessary skills and tools. By incorporating the key ideals and strategies surrounding Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (G.E.M.) we aim to build strong minds leading to happy and resilient students.

Through our DC G.E.M.s Program we endeavour to enable our students to make informed and positive social behaviour choices. They explore their emotional literacy, personal strengths, stress and anxiety management, positive coping and problem-solving strategies, and importantly learn about help-seeking and positive relationship building.

Within our classrooms, our students participate in activities which develop strategies to support their physical, emotional and mental well-being. This is achieved through many different strategies, including group discussions, thought provoking reflections and the sharing of ideas in a safe and respectful environment.

Ultimately, enabled through our DC G.E.M.s Program, we want all of our students to be their best, and to be happy.

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