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Student Leadership

Diamond Creek Primary School offers many leadership opportunities for students. The student leadership program is designed to help students develop their individual capacity to lead, build active and reflective listening, and grow problem solving and decision-making skills. We aim to provide a wide range of participation and leadership opportunities which cater for all students in the school.


Roles included in our Student Leadership Program are:


  • School Captains

  • Sports Captains

  • House Captains

  • Wellbeing Captains

  • Sustainability Captains

  • Art Captains

  • Junior School Council Members (3-6)

  • Class Captains (Grades 3 – 6)

  • VIPs or Class Monitors (Grades Foundation – 2)

  • Kindness Crusaders (Grades 3-4)

The Student Leadership Program at Diamond Creek Primary School involves experiences which develop leadership qualities by encouraging students to:


  • Act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty with the school values of Persistence, Striving for Excellence, Respect and Cooperation underpinning each decision and action

  • Develop a sense of vision and purpose

  • Work with others as part of a team to determine and achieve collective goals

  • Take on responsibilities and use decision-making skills in order to carry a project / task through to a successful completion

  • Be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively

  • Earn the respect of others through their actions

  • Actively contribute to the school through opportunities to exercise Student Voice and Agency

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