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Principal’s message

Welcome to Diamond Creek Primary School. I am very proud and privileged to be the Principal of this wonderful school. The staff, students and families work in partnership to provide our students with a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which to thrive.

Our school values of Respect, Cooperation, Persistence and Striving for Excellence are the foundation for a school culture and community where students are supported to shine. This is further supported by our whole school approach to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of our students.

As a school, we are incredibly proud of the learning experiences and environment which the DCPS community provide for each of our students. As a smaller school, we pride ourselves on having strong relationships with students and families as we work in partnership to support each child to grow.

Diamond Creek Primary School is a friendly, vibrant school community. We welcome you to take a look at what we do at DCPS by keeping updated on our website, Facebook page or booking in a school tour.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school.

Jacqui Abrahams

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What our students say

"I love our school because all of the students and teachers are so kind, caring, respectful and helpful. They are always there for you when you need them!"


"I love Diamond Creek Primary School because it provides great opportunities and all classrooms have a safe and supportive environment. I also really appreciate the lovely teachers and students at our school."


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