Teachers and Staff

Diamond Creek Primary School’s staff comprises the highest quality teachers and friendly and well trained teacher aides and office staff.

In addition to our classroom teachers, we have specialist staff in Physical Education and all areas of The Arts – Performing, Visual and Language (Italian).

Principal – Helen Micallef

Leading Teachers – Maree Moran and Tanya Kearns

Learning Specialist – Haley Sageman

Foundation Teachers – Adelle Faber, Linda Nitchov, and Rosie Ford

Grade 1/2 Teachers – Emmie Stenhouse, Emmanuel Giannopoulos, Jodi Dean, and Tiffany Dean

Grade 3/4 Teachers – Christine Wales, Josie Minnelli, Tarryn Blight, and Tegan Shannon

Grade 5/6 Teachers – Haley Sageman, Josh Tassone, and Laura Martin

Italian and Visual Arts – Isabella Mignuoli

Performing Arts – Danni Angeli

Physical Education – David Pitts

Learning Enhancement Program – Terri Agius

Teacher Aids – Alice Storey, Neisha Gordon,  and Raelene Darlington

Business Manager – Hayley Elliot

Business Assistant – Abbey Knox

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